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How to make an appointment for a routine consultation?

Routine appointments can be taken exclusively online.


How to make an appointment for an urgent consultation?

Appointments for urgent consultations can also be taken online, max. 48 hours in advance. Please do not block an urgent appointment more than 48 hours in advance.

What if I can no longer find availability with my pediatrician and my child requires an "urgent" consultation within 48 hours?

I call my pediatrician to discuss my child's condition and jointly agree on the course of action. I therefore do not make an appointment with another pediatrician in the office without having contacted my child's pediatrician beforehand .

How do I make an appointment if my pediatrician is absent?

I make an appointment with the replacement pediatrician that she mentions on his recorded voice message.

Can I cancel an appointment?

All appointments can be canceled by internet up to 4 hours before the appointment, which avoids unnecessary consultations.

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